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S.T.O.C was first established in 1936, following the take over by The Rootes Brothers of the Sunbeam and Talbot Car companies.

The club was open to any Sunbeam-Talbot owner ,and ran until Chrysler took over The Rootes Group in 1968, when it was disbanded.

The club was reformed in 2005 by Sunbeam-Talbot Spares, with the help and permission of The Peugeot Motor company.

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The Sunbeam-Talbot Owners Club purpose!

The purpose of reforming the club, was to fund tooling costs that Sunbeam-Talbot Spares were unable to afford, owing to the demand for re-manufactured parts at the time, which was exhausting the limited spare funds STS had to finance every part that were obsolete and viable enough to be considered for re-manufacture.

Without STS or STOC the quantity or quality of Sunbeam-Talbot Motor cars would be nowhere near as good as it currently is, and many cars on the road today, would have been lost forever.

Our mission is not yet completed!

We still need your help!

Through joining our club, giving us feedback on what parts you would like to see re-manufactured and also if you have any spare time by volunteering for our cause.

The Fee for the club is just £30 per annum (JAN to DEC)

100% of your money is spent on tooling and re-manufacture.

STS fund all of the admin costs, and have done since the club was first re-established.

What we do!

Fund tooling and re-manufacture parts for Sunbeam-Talbot motor cars on behalf of our members.

Through being a member you will receive any S.T.O.C manufactured part at a heavily discounted price, and receive a discount on many re-manufactured parts Sunbeam-Talbot Spares sell.

What we don’t do

1.Provide a regular magazine,(although Modern motoring and travel is occasionally published by us as an E-Mag)

2.Hold events where people stand in a field looking at the same cars each year. We do occasionally host fundraising events, and more are planned for the future.

So, if you want to ensure survival of Sunbeam-Talbot Motor cars for future generations through vital parts re-manufacture, please support the original owners’ club.

Many Thanks, Team S.T.O.C.

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