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Sunbeam Talbot Spares is a business that specialises in the repair, restoration, sourcing and manufacture of parts for Sunbeam-Talbot motor cars manufactured from 1936 to 1957

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Sunbeam-Talbot Spares are a part of the Bamforth Group who have been Rootes Specialists since 1961

Rootes Service since 1961
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We have the parts and expertise to keep your Sunbeam-Talbot on the road

About Sunbeam-Talbot Spares

Sunbeam-Talbot Spares was first established in 1990, and has traded under its present owners (The Bamforth Group) since 2001.

The Bamforth Group have been Rootes group specialists since 1961,developing innovations and products to keep Sunbeam-Talbot Motor vehicles on the roads. Through our takeover of STS we were able to accelerate the products and service we offered.

Since our takeover,Sunbeam Talbot Spares has grown to become the biggest supplier of parts for Sunbeam Talbot motor vehicles made between 1936 and 1957 in the world with currently well over 1000 items in over inventory and with new lines being added all the time.

Our restoration and repair dept are unrivaled in our expertise and service,and it is estimated that over half of the Sunbeam-Talbot 90s that currently survive have been worked on at some time by our engineers.

Our number one aim is to provide as many parts as possible to keep Sunbeam Talbot’s running for years to come and we would like to think we offer a comprehensive and professional service to our many valued customers.

For parts, service, and all forms of repair or restoration

we are the ONLY name you’ll need.

Ten 2Ltr 1936 -1948

Sunbeam-Talbot Ten 2Ltr 1936 -1948

Sunbeam-Talbot 3/4Ltr

Sunbeam-Talbot 3/4Ltr 1936 – 1940

MK1 1948 - 1950 All variants

Sunbeam-Talbot 80/90 MK1 1948 – 1950 All

MK2 1950 - 1952 All variants

Sunbeam-Talbot MK2 1950 – 1952 All variants

MK2A 1952-1954 All vari

Sunbeam-Talbot MK2A 1952 – 1954 All variants

MK3 1954 - 1957 All variants

Sunbeam-Talbot MK3 1954 – 1957 All variants

Alpine 1953 - 1955

Sunbeam Alpine MK1 & MK3 1953 – 1955


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We are driven to deliver!

We have the parts and expertise to keep your Sunbeam-Talbot on the road

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